Shopping center Pirgos Style - the first Mall in Burgas! Shops and offices for rent!

About Us

"Pirgos Style" is one of the most popular shopping centers in Burgas. He was established in 2002 as the first department store in the city and since then it become a favorite spot for all the citizens and guests. From its construction until now "Pirgos Style" is a symbol of elegance and style and this is what it makes the mall, the most preferable place for shopping and fashion shows. The shopping center is situated on the main pedestrian street "Aleksandrovska" very close to the square ,"Troykata". It is situated on 4 floors, over a trade area of 4,000 square meters. There are 30 stores which offer their clients selected high quality fashion brands. There are13 offices and a beauty studio on the last floor of the building. The modern shopping center is a very cosy place that can always surprise you. Welcome!